• Alice

    I had a backache that persisted for a long time. A friend of mine suggested that we visit the Northpark Rehab Center for a checkup. The staff was very friendly, I was assessed, and after several physiotherapy sessions, the ache is gone.


    After my surgery, I didn’t feel completely healed, and my doctor advised me to go to a rehabilitation center. Looking at different websites, I took a chance with them and now I am well, all the pain is gone. Thanks for helping me.


    Well, I love to keep fit and stay healthy at all times. I regularly visit the Northpark Rehab Center for my osteopathy sessions. I feel great, and I am at my optimal health, with their help and instructions.


    I took my mom to the center a few years back. She had been suffering from migraines for a long time. With the help of specialist at the Center, she is now very active, and the migraine is no more. I would recommend them to anyone.